Whiteside County HA Mobile Antenna Removed

This is an interesting story of how Whiteside County HA negotiated with Sprint ot get what they needed.

The story behind this is as follows:  a few years ago we signed a contract with Sprint-which allowed them to construct a building up on the roof which provided them with the tallest building in the county and this gave Sprint the opportunity to provide better cell phone service.  It also provided our agency with a very reasonable monthly fee.   Now, years later Sprint no longer needs the roof top due to the upgrade in technology-our building has become obsolete.  Sprint offered our agency a sum of money to keep the building they built on the roof.  We contacted a crane operator and found it would cost us more than the amount of money they had offered us.  The original contract stated when either party wanted the contract to end that Sprint agreed to put the building back the way it was originally-which meant removing the building which weighed two tons from the roof.    It took time and persistence on our part but Sprint finally removed their building and left the roof as it was originally.   

 Whiteside County Housing Authority Sprint Tower Removal        Whiteside County Housing Authority Sprint Tower Removal

Whiteside County Housing Authority Sprint Tower Removal  Whiteside County Housing Authority Sprint Tower Removal


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