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New Illinois Laws for 2020

From Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC


With the arrival of January 1, 2020, Illinois instituted 256 new laws.  These new laws cover a variety of topics such as: agriculture, animals, budget, business, children and family, trusts, consumers, criminal, traffic, cybersecurity, education, environment, gaming, housing, insurance, labor, government, wages, health care, Immigration, seniors, transportation and veterans. Summaries of all of the laws may be reviewed at the website for Senate Republicans.

The following discusses some of those laws.  A citation, for the Public Act (PA), Senate Bill (SB) and House Bill (HB), is also given in case you are interested in reviewing the bill in its entirety:


FIRE ALARM SYSTEM IN KENNELS (PA 101-210, HB 3390):  A kennel operator shall install a fire alarm monitoring system that triggers notification to local emergency responders when activated. Shelters with 24/7 staff are not included in the requirement. Licensure can be denied based upon failure to comply.

RABIES VACCINES FOR CATS (PA 101-0299): Requires cats that are four months or older to receive rabies inoculation, and a subsequent inoculation within a year of the first inoculation. Feral cats are generally excluded.

SERVICE ANIMAL DOCUMENTATION FOR HOUSING (PA 101-0518, HB 3671): Allows landlords to request reliable documentation that establishes the need for the assistance of a service animal, when allowing a service animal on the premises when pets are generally prohibited by policy.


PROTECTING THE PRIVACY OF HOME-BASED BUSINESS OWNERS (PA 101-475, HB 2528):   Victims of stalking and petitioners for an order of protection, who operate a home-based business under an assumed name, at their personal residence, may list the address of their local county clerk as the default agent for service of process, if specific conditions are met.


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