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Housing officials receive final displaced resident data

DANVILLE – After a Housing Authority of the City of Danville voucher briefing Friday for tenants being displaced with the upcoming public housing building demolitions, it was determined most will leave Vermilion County with their tenant protection vouchers.

“Eighty percent will port out …” said HACD executive director Jaclyn Vinson.

She said the remaining approximately 20 percent will use their voucher to live within Vermilion County. Most of the approximately 30 families will remain in Danville.

Those leaving the county will be going back to Chicago, Indianapolis and other locations and states to be closer to friends and family.

The demolition of six buildings at Fair Oaks public housing complex off East Fairchild Street next year is displacing 57 public housing units housing 130 individuals. Five of those individuals and families are choosing to stay in public housing in another unit.



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