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The Illinois Association of Housing Authorities is pleased to announce a new Year Long Sponsorship Program. 

IAHA’s Sponsorship Program was designed with you in mind.  Each sponsorship level provides enhanced benefits and an opportunity to put your company’s name in front of housing authority executives and staff in Illinois. Position yourself as a partner for the future. There are three signature events each year where your company can be prominently featured. The Maintenance Management Clinic, Executive Directors Retreat and Annual Meeting. There are also other education opportunities for members of IAHA where Year Long Sponsors will be featured.




IAHA Year Long Sponsorship Program

The details on the IAHA Year Long Sponsorship Program.

AHRMA is not traditional insurance but, instead, a risk pool, an association owned and controlled by the members we serve. We were the first not-for-profit housing authority risk pool in the United States and have been in business over 25 years. We offer a full line or property and casualty coverage and exceptional service.


The Illinois Public Risk Fund

The #1 Source For Public Entity Protection in Illinois

The Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF) is Illinois' largest self-insured pool for workers compensation coverage. IPRF currently serves over 500 public entities and governmental agencies throughout Illinois. These participating public entities have pooled their workers compensation exposures and controlled costs through a unified loss prevention and claims management program.

  •          A Board of Trustees elected by Fund participants oversees the operation of the Fund and governs it in accordance with State of Illinois rules and guidelines.
  •          In contrast to large insurance companies, 80% of each IPRF premium dollar is added to the loss fund while 20% is allocated to the purchase of excess insurance and administration costs.


Member Entities Share in the Savings...

As a self-insured pool, all investment earnings accrue to the fund. Profits are based on the underwriting surplus realized by the group and members share in this surplus based upon individual and overall member claims experience.



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