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President's Report

Dear IAHA Members:

First, we just finished another successful Clinic.  We had great training, outstanding attendance and the attendees said they had a wonderful time!  A huge thanks to the Clinic Committee!! It was switched up from previous Clinics by flipping training rooms with the vendor area and banquet.  From feedback, some liked it, some didn’t.  But we tried to do something different.

We had a successful Board meeting at the Clinic.  Regarding treasury, IAHA is doing good financially.  Of course, we had Clinic income and had not expensed most of the Clinic costs.  But we are projected to have a good profit from the Clinic. And based on registrations, where we take part of the registration fee from full Clinic registrations to go to the scholarship fund, we will build this fund up to again this year, being able to fund the Council’s with a good amount.

In other business, IAHA has its Executive Officers positions up for rotation this year, as well as four Director positions.  If you are interested in serving, let your Council Presidents know so they can get your name to the Nominating Committee.  All the positions will be filled at our Annual Meeting this September. The Public Relations Committee reported that applications for the IAHA Awards will be out in August.  Watch for the emails and on the Website and IAHA Facebook postings announcing that applications are being taken.  The Legislative Committee Reported on two items IAHA has been watching – one is getting the Public Housing drug free zones reestablished in law that was removed in SB 1722.  The Committee is working with the IAHA Lobbyist to get this accomplished.  The other bill being watched is HB 4760 whereas certain evictions would be sealed for a period of time after being filed and some may never be released.  Part of this is to avoid reporting agencies from getting information and posting it when the party named in the eviction may not be a direct party to the eviction.  But it would also limit posting on court records and ultimately is up to a judge whether to release in many instances.  Anyway, Dennis Green accompanied Tim McAnarney to a hearing about it, however the bill was not introduced.  It may come back up in a hearing meeting on May 31st, so we will keep all posted.  There are good parts and bad parts to the proposed legislation and hopefully IAHA can influence moving forward only the good parts if it does come up for vote again.   The Education Committee reported on planned and proposed training that is in the pipeline.  More information will be shared as it is finalized.  All the Council Presidents reported on upcoming meetings.  And our Coordinator reported her work accomplished to date.   Discussion was held on getting our national organizations to fund for bed bug treatments above and beyond our standard operating subsidies.  This treatment has gotten very expensive due to more and more issues arising and it is hitting the small Housing Authorities especially hard since their budgets are not that big to begin with.  It was decided to research more on it – Chris Blechle was going to the PHADA conference and he will reach out to PHADA leaders and report back.

It appears we are getting mixed signals from Washington on the 2019 budget. Although the 2018 budget came out good for us in certain areas (94% funding on Public Housing, Capital Fund at $808 million more than 2017) and in others still not enough - HCV Admin funding at a 77% proration.  However, Legislators are not buying into HUD’s proposed 2019 budget, which is a disaster. They are even considering increasing funding again.  Of course, it is early still so we are not guaranteed anything, but at least they are considering higher funding.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

I hope all have a great summer.  If I can be of service to you, please let me know.

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Calendar of Events

The IAHA Annual Meeting will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Fairview Heights on September 19 to 21, 2018.  Watch the website for more information and to register.


IAHA Maintenance and Management Clinic is moving in 2019 to the Crown Plaza in Springfield.  The dates for the clinic are April 10 to 12.  A new location but the same great education and networking with peers and a variety of vendors.


Watch the website for more education this fall!

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One of the tasks that the Public Relations Committee for the Illinois Association of Housing Authorities is responsible for, is to present awards to members.  Nominations for the awards will be accepted until August 15, 2018.  All awards except the HUD Staff Award will be presented at the IAHA Annual Meeting in September.  Nominations are appropriate for any PHA staff person – it does not have to be the Executive Director.  You can nominate another housing authority or you can nominate your own.  We want to hear about the good things you all are doing so that we can share it with our members.  The awards are: David W. Morgan Memorial, Operational Excellence, Resident Relations, Creativity, Miscellaneous, and the HUD Staff of the Year.  IAHA will pass along nomination forms through future emails and make them available on their website.  Again, nominations are due back to me by August 15, 2018.  Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance.  Thank you!

Jerry Gille

IAHA Public Relations Committee Chair

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Shop Talk

Great to see so many of you at the clinic and please get those survey cards back to Kate as soon as possible.  I suggested to Kate that a quick survey be printed on the back of the nametags so they can be filled out and handed in on Friday morning for the big door prizes.  The farther away we get from the event, the less response there is going to be, and most of us have already moved on to the next HA crisis!  Please make sure all staff who attended get a chance to comment on what they liked, didn’t like, and what suggestions they may have. 

WHAT WAS ON YOUR SURVEY, DENNY?  Well, let me share my comments with you.  I thought it went as well as any I have attended with a record number of attendees and vendors.  I was told the REAC and Nan McKay training was very well attended and interesting, as was almost every item on the Management side of things.  Best Practices, Hearing Officer training, rent calcs, HCV, and all the others were very well received.  Well done to those lining up the programs!  The food was as good as I can remember it ever being and it was nice to see so many actually visiting with the vendors, not just getting their initials for the prize card.  The accommodations would receive an “as expected” from me, but that is totally reflective of a motel/hotel not able to keep up with their property as they would like to.  But that too, should be something we learn from.  If the CFP is eliminated, and operating subsidies cut by 30% or more, what do you think public housing authorities will start to look like?  More simply - private entities like the DCC rely on guests to pay the bills and make the big, necessary improvements.  Without a CFP we will be relying more on rents, which HUD hopes to increase.  Good luck with that.  So, if you think sections of the Decatur Convention Center look tired and not well maintained, what will happen when the Capital Fund Program subsidy spigot is turned off?  I know there is talk about using 20% of operating for CFP, and maybe some more money to the AMP’s for improvements, but it will be pale in comparison to the amounts we are accustomed to each year with the CFP.  Incidentally, all the staff I have ever talked with over my 20 years at the DCC were always pleasant and courteous.   

 I complemented the program “Myths of Electricity” which not only was an excellent ½ day of training, but it was offered twice, which gives attendees better options when attending.  I think more training could be reduced to ½ day, then offered twice or several times over the three days.  Tapping the resources of some experienced, or about to retire, PHA statewide staff would be invaluable training.  How about expanding Ask-The-Attorney to Ask-The-ED, or Ask-The-Property Manager, or Ask-The-Finance Clerk, or whatever.  Those informal trainings are among the best.  Counterparts helping counterparts – friends helping friends!   

For those who choose not to attend because you “have been there and done that”, let me say we need you there!  I was accompanied by my new ED and Finance Clerk, who couldn’t say enough good things about the three day annual event.  These two new faces need to be associated with you “seasoned” veterans to help shape the future of HA’s in the state.  I, for one, like to migrate to those who have filled the ED or other management shoes to discuss how things are going, and perhaps, pick up a thing or two.  Those who go before us are invaluable resources and most are very willing to help.  Besides, I miss visiting with you as friends, as well.  We all have a private, human side to our lives, and sharing our ups and downs with counterparts is good therapy. 

Those who have participated in the State of Illinois’s Joint Purchasing Program in the past should know the program is now conducted through  You will need to set up an account and spend a few minutes getting familiar with the site.  So far, so good with me, but I sure do miss Dennis Smith.  There are employees who specifically assist internet issues at Bidbuy, so help is available. 

The warmer weather is finally here and now we get to try to keep people as cool as possible.  Compared to keeping them as warm as possible during the cold snap at Christmas and New Year’s, this shouldn’t be too bad!  In closing, I would like to express my appreciation to all those who planned and helped in any way during the annual training in Decatur in April.  Also, another annual shout-out to Jen Stegall from Knox County, who assisted me in the property workshop presentation.  We had a blast!  Oh, and to Terry Gray, from Knox County, for all his efforts in the annual Maintenance Olympics.  Seven participating HA’s – great competition!  Take care everyone and best of luck out there!


Dennis Schumacher

Assistant Administrator

Warren County Housing Authority         

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Scholarship Winners

Jersey County Housing Authority is pleased to announce the following recipients of the IAHA-Central Division Educational Grant (CICHO) for 2018-2019. The housing authority is extremely proud of each of these young ladies and all of their accomplishments.

Miss Devyn Buttry will be graduating this month from Jersey Community High School. Her current GPA is 4.623. She is a member of the National Honor Society, volunteers in the Panther Pals program at the high school and participated in track and field, while holding down a job for the past two and half years. Ms. Buttry will be pursuing a degree in nursing through Lewis and Clark Community college. Ms. Buttry received a $1,500.00 educational grant from CICHO.

Devyn Buttry


Ms. Cierra Howell graduated from Jersey Community High School in 2005 with a 4.9 GPA and was a member of the National Honor Society. She received her associate’s degree from Barton Community College in Kansas in 2015 and just recently graduated from SIUE with a Bachelors of Exercise Science with a 3.62 GPA. Ms. Howell has been accepted into the Physical Therapy program at Southwestern Illinois College. Ms. Howell has accomplished all this while being a wife and mother of two children. Ms. Howell also received a $1,500 educational grant from CICHO.

Ms Cierra Howell

Miss Ashley Long, will be graduating this month from Jersey Community High School with a 4.585 GPA, she is a member of the National Honors Society and also volunteered in the Panther Pals program. Ms. Long plans to attend Lewis and Clark Community College to receive her associates degree and then transfer to either SIUE or Monmouth College to major in child psychology. Miss Long received a $1,500.00 educational grant from CICHO.

Ms Ashley Long

Miss Morgan Williams is a 2017 graduate from Jersey Community High School with a 3.61 GPA. She is currently a student at Lewis and Clark Community College obtaining her prerequisites for the nursing program at Lewis and Clark Community College. Miss Williams received a $1,000.00 educational grant from CICHO.

Ms Morgan Williams

Gaberial Rabich is the daughter of JaiLynn and Bradley Perrine. Gabby will graduate from Staunton High school in May of 2018 and plans to attend Indiana State in the fall where she will be majoring in Psychology. Gabby has been a member of Exhale youth group at St. Paul for two years and plans on going on mission trip for the second time this summer. She has also been a member of girl scouts for 12 years, choir for 7 years, art honors society for 4 years, and scholastic bowl for 1 year. She has been in the school yearbook club for 3 years and recently made yearbook editor. She has also been involved with the school homecoming, spring, and fall plays as well as the musicals.

Ms Gaberial Rabich


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Make sure you are counted!

One of the outcomes from the IAHA 2016 Strategic Planning meeting, was the desire for a survey of the membership.  When the survey began, it was rather lengthy, and we know how precious your time is, so it was tailored back considerably.  The survey now consists of 24 questions about your housing authority.

Why is the IAHA Executive Board asking this information and what are they going to do with it?  IAHA is a membership of 108 housing authorities! Our voices as an association are greater than our voices alone.  We are concerned about everything that effects your housing authority, legislation, education, purchasing, human resources…everything!

We have received 61 completed surveys and the numbers are staggering!  There are over 200,000 people that are your tenants. Over 71,000 units that house these tenants. The respondents employ 1,526 people.  And most amazing, total agency budgets are $1.3 Billion Dollars! 

Think about the impact that your housing authority has in your city, county and for the State of Illinois.  We would like the remainder of our members to complete their survey, so we have a more accurate picture of our impact.

This information will then be used to create marketing and informational pieces.  The marketing and informational pieces can be used when talking with government officials, both local and state as well as in Washington, to show what impact Housing has in the State of Illinois!   We could also use these to reach out to vendors and let them see the possibilities of working with the association.

If you have not completed your survey, you can find it at this link

As an association, we are a force to be reckoned with!

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