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President's Report

Hi all.  I wanted to report to you all about the Board meeting we had on July 26th. First, we asked Tim McAnarney, our lobbyist to be there to give a report on the status of the State but more importantly the result of our / his work on SB 1722. This bill was taking Housing out of the loop in regards to drug deals within 1000 ft. of PH and the extra punishment for this. Dennis Green accompanied Tim to testify on our behalf to leave this in. Unfortunately, it was a very heated and contested piece of legislation.  When things were, all done, we did not get it back in the bill, however Tim has talked with other senators and they agreed to let this bill kind of get behind us and then we will propose separate legislation for it.

Next reported on were IAHA financials. We are sitting good financially.  I think the greatest thing was that IAHA was able to give each council $5,000 for scholarship funds.  This. along with what each council raises, will provide quite a few scholarships for their clients.

We did an update on our Strategic Plan items. Many already have probably seen the Facebook private page for IAHA.  Thanks to those that have already signed up for it and started using it.  I believe this is a great forum for us to share ideas much quicker than email.  PLEASE sign up for it and PLEASE have your staff also sign up.  This would be a great way for communication between front line people in your and others organizations.

One item on it that I am disappointed in was the survey to the HA’s about programs, dollars, etc.  We only received responses from about half the HA’s.  We are trying to put together an informational flyer that we could all use to show the number of people we represent as well as the dollars brought into our communities.  With the ones we did receive, the total number of people represented is 187,757, with total Agency budgets of $1,266,345,930.69 – like WOW right?  This does include CHA who provided numbers but just think if all of us were in this report!!!!!!!!  If you need another copy just let Kate know.

Dennis Green reported on the Executive Director packet which we identified in this session as well as the first Strategic Planning meeting we had.  He brought a wonderfully laid out binder with items in it that I had to even say “I never saw this before!”.  He was going to do a couple changes and adds to it and will have it scanned to present to all.

Besides our standing committee reports, reviewed was the Annual Meeting that is coming up September 20-22 in Springfield. This year it is set up with two tracks of training.  I think we sometimes think of this meeting as one for the Executive Directors/CEO’s but others in our organizations could benefit from it.  Go onto the website and see the agenda: OSHA, Employment Law, AFFH, Do’s and don’ts for a non-profit, Section 3 and so on!.  I hope to see you there as well as some of your staff.

Well, with that I will close.  I want to thank all of the Board members for their dedication to IAHA as well as all the other special committees like the Annual meeting and Clinic committees and all who volunteer throughout the year to make IAHA a leader and great organization to be associated with. 

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Annual Meeting

September is a very busy time of year for most of us.  School and colleges are in full swing.  The days are shorter and there never seems to be enough time till the end of the year.  We all want to make the best use of our time, working smarter not harder.  In that effort, the annual meeting committee has put together a very diverse agenda.  There is something for almost everyone!

The education begins on Wednesday, September 20 at 1:15pm with presentations on dealing with OSHA and understanding your evolving risks with insurances.  That evening AHRMA will host their membership meeting.

On Thursday, September 21, for the first time, there will be two tracks of education to choose from.  Sessions from:

  •          Employment law and Issues
  •          Affirmatively furthering Fair Housing Rule and Tool
  •          Do’s and Don’ts for a Non-Profit and how to set it up
  •          Section 3 training
  •          News from the asylum
  •          Tax credit history and update
  •          Ask the attorney!

After all that great education, you’ll want to relax with a nice dinner and then of course awards will be presented.  This year, also new, you can register for just Thursday. The $100 fee includes the education, lunch and dinner.

On Friday morning, we’ll hear from Ameren and the grants that they have available as well as how to apply for them.  Then HUD will end the morning talking about OIG case findings and prosecution as well as ethical issues HUD has identified and environmental ties to the Capital Fund.

You can see the full agenda and register at the website.  Register today to save your seat on September 20 to 22 at the Northfield Inn & Suites in Springfield, IL.

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Education Opportunities

IAHA Guidance for PHA Personnel


On Thursday, October 5th at the Eastland Suites and Conference Center, Urbana, Illinois, IAHA is sponsoring a “Special Event”. The First day will include presentations on: Natural Disaster Relief, Mental Health issues, - which may occur when dealing with residents/or employees and Resident Hoarding (excessive difficulty in parting with personal possessions because of a perceived need to save them).

Later that day, Ms. Petty, who wrote the book, “High Rise Stories: Voices from Chicago Public Housing” (actual accounts from residents who lived and moved out of Cabrini Green which was located in Chicago) will give a short presentation.  Each attendee will be provided with Ms. Petty’s book at a book signing which will be held in the motel lounge are/book/appetizers and one beverage are included in the registration fee.

Then on Friday, October 6th, to start the day out right, there will be a couple of special guests to inform and entertain everyone.  At 10:30am there will be a presentation on Personal Finances and Planning Retirement Investments by speaker Levi Cutler.

December & 6, 2017 is the HUD Multi-Family class.  This Nan McKay session will be at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel.  It is for employees who use HUD handbook 4350.3. This particular session is not offered often, so try to take advantage of it.

Please check out the IAHA website for more detailed information regarding all IAHA education sessions that are available.

IAHA Education Committee


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Shop Talk

Hi everyone and welcome to SHOPTALK.  I thought everyone might be interested to see my summaries of our 2 AMPS that were inspected earlier this year.  They are in different formats, but you will get the idea.  Our scores were 91 and 87,  and are proud of such.  I feel the inspections were fair with good give and take.  I hope this helps in some way and good luck out there!!  


(REAC #1) - Click here to see the Resource area of the website and then download the document.


(REAC #2) - Click here to see the Resource area of the website and then download the document



Dennis Schumacher

Assistant Administrator

Warren County Housing Authority

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Well...isn't that interesting....

Warren County Housing Authority recently used a little innovation on a couple of things that happened recently.  The fist picture displays something they fabricated to keep the through-the-wall air conditioner condensate from damaging the exterior walls.  

Wall protection


The picture below shows a solution to the satellite antenna options that Warren County has found.


Satellite antenna option

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