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We are thinking about hosting a training we need to have at least 20 people. would any body be interested? Hands-on Gas and Electric Furnaces: Maintaining and Trouble-shooting This TSA workshop is designed for:

•Facility Maintenance staff who must maintain and trouble-shoot gas and electric furnaces

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge needed to service gas and electric furnaces. Under the direct supervision of the workshop leader, who is highly skilled in HVAC with many years of experience in the industry, participants will learn how furnaces work, and how to trouble-shoot and maintain them. During the “hands-on” portion of the workshop, participants will be shown how to test furnace components to determine if they are good or bad. They will learn the skills necessary to make repairs, perform preventive maintenance, and trouble-shoot existing problems in modern gas and electric furnaces. Additionally, and with proper safety procedures having been thoroughly reviewed prior, live electrical circuits will be used during the class to test electrical components. Workshop participants will learn how to use a digital multi-meter. After a thorough explanation of how to use the meter, they will test both gas and electric furnace components so that they will know exactly how to use the meter when they return to their agencies. Everyone attending the training will be given a digital multi-meter. Each workshop participant will also receive a TSA certificate, and a detailed workbook that clearly explains [how to] perform gas and electric furnace preventive maintenance, trouble-shoot, and make minor repairs.

The workbooks can later be used as reference on the job. Agenda Day One, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Day Two, 8:00 am – noon MAJOR TOPICS THAT WILL BE COVERED DURING THIS TRAINING:

1.Introduction to gas and electric furnaces operation

2.Understanding electricity as it relates to gas & electric furnace components (step-down transformers, relays, motors, gas valves, & heating elements)

3.Introduction to natural gas and propane fuels, & how they perform in a furnace

4.How gas fuel, air, and ignition are properly mixed for efficient and safe operation, and what to do if they are not properly mixed

5.Alignment and cleaning of gas burners

6.Checking heat exchangers for “deadly” cracks

7.Performing “FALL” preventive maintenance on furnaces, and checking for deadly carbon monoxide gas.


1.Understanding the operation of gas burners, pilots, valves, and venting

2.Determining if a thermocouple is good or bad

3.Checking the operation of fan and limit switches

4.Inspecting electric heating elements

5.Checking an electric heater’s sequencer

6.Testing a furnace blower motor

7.Checking a furnace draft-venting motor

8.Setting the heat anticipator on a space heating thermostat

9.Testing electric pilot ignition systems


Travis Edwards with Bond County HA would like to see if anyone is interested in this class if they were to host it.  Please contact him at


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