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Housing Authority of Joliet Receives 2017 IAHA Outstanding Achievement for Operational Excellence Award

Housing Authority of Joliet Receives 2017 IAHA Outstanding Achievement for Operational Excellence Award.

1.SUMMARY OF PROGRAM: In no more than 100 words, describe the program or agency, the accomplishments and how it contributed to the success of the agency.

Nomination of Outstanding Achievement for Operational Excellence to Housing Authority of Joliet.

2.DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM: Provide a description of the program including its objectives, the clientele being served, theagency’s role, and the contribution, if any, of other partners.

In 2012, numerous deficiencies in mismanagement and financial issues caused the HAJ to be designated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as a “troubled” Public Housing Authority. The agency serves of a total of 2,491 units that include Conventional Public Housing units and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. With transparency as to its challenges and an unwavering commitment to improvement, the Housing Authority of Joliet began the hard work of correcting those challenges and re-designing its agency to become a leader in public and affordable housing.

3.THE RESULTS OR SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM: Provide a description of successof the program. Provide specific examples.

Since that time, the agency not only has been designated as a High Performing Agency by HUD for the past two years in a row, but it also has created two new mixed financed developments funded by private investors who purchased over 21 million dollars of Low Income Housing Tax credits. Staff morale has improved dramatically and esteem for the Agency has been restored in the community it serves.

4.WORTHINESS FOR AN AWARD: Describe why this program or agency is worthy of an award.

Moving from a Trouble Agency to a High Performing Agency and developing 21 million dollars in tax credit property are major accomplishments in and of themselves .However, perhaps the most exciting indicia of its worthiness for this award is the work being done by HAJ through its non-profitorganization – Hope Bound. Using the experience it has gained though its past challenges, HAJ now has begun to work with other housing authorities and support organizations in jurisdictions of those seeking its help. HAJ clearly recognizes, “a rising tidelifts all ships”. Their perseverance, dedication to excellence, and willingness to help others serve as a beacon for us all, and make them imminently worthy of the Illinois Association of Housing Authorities Award for Outstanding Achievement in Operational Excellence.


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