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Larry Williams to be CEO of Rockford Housing Authority

ROCKFORD — A man who lived in public housing with his mother as a teenager — and later climbed the ranks to the Freeport housing authority’s top job — will be the next CEO of the Rockford Housing Authority.

Larry Williams, 39, former CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of Freeport, is set to take the reins of the RHA. Williams comes to the job with a track record of establishing programs that set high expectations for public housing residents meant to teach self-sufficiency.

For Williams, helping people escape poverty is a passion fueled by memories from 1996 of living in Apt. 118 at Parkside Homes, a public housing complex in Freeport.

“It was a depressing place to me,” Williams said. “I would notice people sitting around on door steps, and I don’t know, it didn’t seem like that was supposed to be home for me.”



More Central Illinois volunteers, supplies heading to Texas

NORMAL — Central Illinois has accelerated its response to Hurricane Harvey as Midwest Food Bank has sent five additional semitrailer loads of disaster relief boxes to Texas, and American Red Cross Central and Southern Illinois Region has 72 people on the ground or on their way to Texas and Louisiana.

"We anticipate this relief effort will be ongoing for some time," Phil Hodel, communications director for the Normal-based food bank, said Tuesday.



As HUD Secretary Carson prepares for a visit Tuesday, meet the people who live and work in Southern Illinois’ ‘Egypt’

CAIRO — Cairo has been called dying, a ghost town, decaying, abandoned and forgotten. It’s often described as the poorest city in Illinois, and possibly one of the most destitute places in America. For people who get their kicks gawking at decay, Cairo has become a popular destination.

A quick Google search brings up countless articles about and photo essays of Cairo’s abandoned buildings. There are several Southern Illinois communities with similar size populations, but Cairo has become the literal picture of decline because much of what was built to sustain a population of about 15,000 — at its peak in 1925 — still stands today in a town of close to 2,500, and shrinking. The city hasn’t had a population above 5,000 since 1990 — for nearly three decades.



Public Housing Teen Goes from Caddy to College-Bound

(CBS) — First it was a dream. Now, it’s reality: Seventy-five Chicago Housing Authority teens are heading to college, with scholarships.

For one high school senior from Humboldt Park, her full ride to the University of Illinois was done through hard work — on the golf greens.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

“I’m very excited to be going to college in the fall,” Julissa Andino says.

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Macoupin Housing Services cuts ribbons

Representatives from Macoupin Housing Services (MHS) and the Macoupin County Housing Authority (MCHA) cut the ribbons on three tax credit housing developments in the county at ceremonies held Sept. 23.

Home tours were available to area residents and local dignitaries at the 14 homes built in Staunton, nine in Bunker Hill and 15 in Gillespie. The homes were built through a low-income housing tax credit created under the 1986 Tax Reform Act. It gives incentives for the use of private equity in the development of affordable housing aimed at low-income Americans. The program is administered at the state level through the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), which receives a fixed allocation of credits based on population.

The homes have to meet strict requirements with regard to construction standards and energy efficiency.



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